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Good conversation isn’t what business success is made of. But it’s a great starting point.

Our core business is to help you thrive through top-tier legal guidance. And that could be all there is to it. But we’ve learned that great transactions aren’t just numerical, a great business relationship helps both parties grow – and even enjoy the ride while growing together.

Sometimes the simplest of insights are the most defining; grow the relationships and the business will follow. Simple as that. The legal advice still needs to be best in class but that, to us, is a hygiene factor, not a motivator. The relationships are, however. And the great conversations.

Let us know if you’re ever interested in starting one.

We are Hansen. Spearheading engaged senior counselling in M&A, Management Advisory, Venture Capital and Tech & Commercial.

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We are Hansen

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Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A transactions involve complex work that cuts across a wide range of legal areas. Our M&A team consists of senior and experienced lawyers with in-depth understanding of the mechanics of an M&A transaction and the key value drivers. It may sound a bit complicated, but don’t worry – our job is to make the complicated simple. Our team will guide you through all stages of the transaction process, be it initial high level discussions, due diligence process or final negotiations of the transaction documents.

Our clients consist of corporates and founders/entrepreneurs, as well as private equity funds and their portfolio companies. And through our Management Advisory practice, we have gained valuable understanding of the key interests for the founders and/or management when it comes to an M&A transaction.

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Venture Capital

We have the privilege of being part of the most vibrant Nordic start-up community in years, and support some of the best and most prosperous serial entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in the Nordics. For many companies, venture financing is the only available means of raising capital. Hansen provides advice on all sorts of venture financing, whether debt, equity, or other forms of financing, such as contribution of assets, resources or skills.

Tech & Commercial

Our Tech & Commercial team advises clients across a wide range of industries, sizes and maturity on a broad spectrum of commercial contracts, projects related to technology and intellectual property rights as well as privacy and employment matters.

Through years of hands-on experience, we have gained a deep knowledge of what we choose to define as Tech & Commercial. With a combination of commercial and technical understanding and legal expertise, we provide clear advice in a changing and emerging market. Many of our clients retain us early as a sounding board and for guidance when developing their business models and business policies.

Management Advisory

Private equity transactions raise a number of complex management issues that are of central importance to buyers, sellers and management alike. Well-advised management is in the interest of all parties. Good advice to managers facilitates a smooth transaction and benefits all parties involved. Our management advisory team is market leading and has vast experience in advising management teams on exits and re-investments, guiding them through the complicated landscape surrounding a private equity investment.

Join us

Do you believe in giving everything at work, but not letting work be everything?

Then we have the same philosophy. At Hansen, we expect excellence, but we also know that long-term, that doesn’t mean an excessive amount of hours put in and a private life put on hold. It comes from truly finding a balance between what gives you energy and having rewarding places to put it.

We are happy to say our philosophy is making our business thrive. And even though we’re trying to keep our growing pace moderate, we are always interested in meeting talents for our Mergers & Acquisitions, Tech & Commercial and Venture Capital practices.


David Kuritzén Investment Manager & Partner, Monterro

"They understand the business of software companies, as well as our needs as a hands-on investor. And they are very easy to work with. They are a great partner for us!"

Fredrik Hjelm CEO & Founder, Voi

"They are informal, pragmatic, paired with a great sense of business and a good vibe. They show total dedication and flexibility for our team. They dare to take decisions and become an advisor."

We know we make our clients succeed.
But why take our word for it.

Every thursday lunch we run together

Running club

Hansen Running Club

So we like to run. Literally. And if you do too, then maybe try tagging along some time? Our lunch time running sessions in Stockholm offer not only an intense running lab, but also ingenious sceneries for both body and soul to be honest. Colleagues and friends are all welcomed.

With these sessions, taking us from warming up, leaving Blasieholmen, over to Skeppsholmen – the “Navy Island”- and on to intervals on Kastellholmen, we are always reminded that Hansen is in for the long run. Pun absolutely intended.


Visit us

Still curious? Come pay us a visit! We’re located in central Stockholm, just by the sea on Blasieholmen. We’ve got open skies, an old port warehouse and quay for archipelago tour boats outside our doorstep. Or, if you’re more into that sort of thing – great coffee.